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  Religious School Registration Form  

We look forward to receiving your registration for Temple Emanuel's Religious School.   You can now either register online or download and fill out a PDF version of the registration form. Simply fill out the form, save it to your computer, and email it to heidi@templeemanuel.org as an attachment. You can find more registration information including class times and B'nai Mitzvah requirements, here.

We would greatly appreciate if you return your child's form in a timely manner. Deadlines: June 30 for 1st priority for session requests and friend placements. After July 1 there will be a $150 Late Registration Fee charged per child (all new students to the school will not be charged the $150 discount regardless of when they register). If you have any questions about filling out your form, please contact the Religious School office at 856-489-0035.

Registration in Temple Emanuel's Religious School is open to synagogue members. If you are not a member of the congregation but would like information about membership, please contact Tracey Weiss in our Temple office, 856-489-0029 x 115. She will be happy to answer your questions. Temple Emanuel is proud of our tradition of providing a Jewish Education to all who seek it. If your family requires subsidized membership assistance please contact Marc Rothstein at (856) 489-0029 x 113 for a Confidential Application.

If you have questions about the Religious School, please contact Heidi Stern at 856-489-0035 who will assist in obtaining the information you require.

Register Online: Fill out the form below to register online for Religious School.

Student Information  
Student's Full Name
(last, first, middle):
Student's Hebrew Name:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Home Phone:
Date of Birth:
Student's Email Address:
Is this your child's first year at Temple Emanuel Religious School?
Can we publish your address and phone number for the class list? Yes
Can we use your child's picture in newsletter articles and publicity? Yes
Would you like to volunteer
as a Class Parent?
Would you like to participate on the Education Advisory Team?
Name of public/private school:
Grade as of September 2014:
Parent 1 Information  
Daytime Phone: Evening Phone:
Cell Phone: Email:
Parent 2 Information  
Daytime Phone: Evening Phone:
Cell Phone: Email:
Child lives with:
In case of emergency, please contact (other than parent):
(please include name, phone number and relation to child)
Doctor's name and phone number:
(please include name, practice, and phone number)

In case of emergency, I authorize the Director for Lifelong Education/Executive Staff or teacher to call my physician or to take my child to the nearest hospital to receive appropriate emergency treatment.

Please respond to the questions below.
All information will remain confidential.
If there are any medical concerns (i.e. allergies, medications,
visual problems, frequent need to use bathroom, nosebleeds,
chronic illness, etc.) of which the school should be aware,
please describe below:
If your child has any learning consideration in reading, writing,
comprehension, organization, speech/language, attention, etc.
of which the school should be aware, please describe below:

What special services, if any, does your child receive in secular school or privately? Please send updated special services information (504 or IEP - will be kept locked in the office).

* By checking the box, I understand that The Religious School office must be notified in writing if there are custody issues and/or there are any persons unauthorized to pick up my child/children (early dismissal only).
Sunday School: Pre-School Sundays & K to 12th Grade

There are two sessions for Sunday School:
Session I runs from 9:00am-11:00 am.
Session II runs from 10:30am-12:30pm.

Please select from the drop down menu which class and session you wish to
enroll your child in:

Session and Class Requests for Pre-School Sundays through 6th Grade:


Please note: For Kindergarten and First Grade, only one session will be available if there are not enough students to fill two sessions.


Hebrew School: 3rd - 6th Grade
There are two times for Hebrew School:
Tuesdays from 4:15pm-6:15pm for 3rd through 6th Grades
Wednesdays from 4:15pm-6:15pm for 3rd through 6th Grades

Please select from the drop down menu which grade and day you wish to
enroll your child in:

Hebrew School:

Please note: Students are tracked by ability, so requests will not be taken for their Hebrew classes.


Hebrew School: 7th - 12th Grade

Please select from the drop down menu which grade you wish to
enroll your child in:


Placement Requests
Each student may request to be placed with up to 2 friends for Sunday classes only. These requests must be mutual to be fulfilled. We will do our best to fulfill these requests. Requests made on forms submitted by May 15 will be given first priority.
Please place my child with:
Child 2:



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