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B’nai Mitzvah

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Field Trips

Each year, the students at the Temple Emamuel Religious School go on a variety of field trips to enhance their learning. From Grade 3 on up through Confirmation, there is one or more trips planned in each grade level.

3rd Grade
Sukkah Hop

4th Grade
Camp Harlam Retreat

5th Grade
University of Pennsylvania Archeology Museum

6th Grade
National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia

7th Grade
Monthly Social Action Trips

10th Grade

Family Education Days - During Normal Class Hours, Unless Noted 

October 1 -- 6th Grade Learner's Shabbat (10:30 am)
We will be holding a B’nai Mitzvah learner’s service, in which we go through each of the components of a Shabbat morning service and explain their significance.   This sample service will help your family feel better prepared for your Bat or Bar Mitzvah day.   It is also a wonderful opportunity for the upcoming B’nai Mitzvah class and their parents to learn and pray together.

At least one parent from each family should plan on attending this service with their child; younger siblings are also invited.   We do need volunteers to take part in the service.   You will receive a form in the mail to volunteer. We highly encourage you to volunteer to take part in the service.  It adds to the meaning of the service and is a great way to practice for your Bat or Bar Mitzvah day.

Kindergarten Family Education
Hanukkah is almost upon us.  Let's learn about this holiday together.  We will explore how and why we celebrate.

1st Grade Family Education
Join us for a Synagogue Scavenger Hunt.  We will explore the synagogue together, learn about what makes it special and create our own stained glass windows. 

2nd Grade Family Education
Join the Temple Emanuel‘s 2nd Grade Teachers, our Religious School art specialist & Rabbi Cohen for a day of exploring together.   We will talk about the Biblical story of Passover and Moses, Miriam, Aaron and their family. We will then think about our own families and our unique connections to Jewish tradition.   Each family will leave with an art project for Passover.

3rd Grade Family Education
Join us for a morning of interactive learning and fun exploration as we discover what Judaism says about bringing holiness into our lives.  The Holiness Code — a section of the Torah — is a key component of the 3rd grade curriculum.

4th Grade Family Education
Please join us for this special and sensitive family education program. Over the course of the year, our 4th grade students have been studying the life-cycle. As our year draws to a close, we will explore issues of visiting the ill, death, mourning and remembrance from a Jewish point-of-view. Our conversation and activities will be age-appropriate and the program will be guided by the congregation’s clergy.

5th Grade Family Education
Come get your Passport for Israel. We will "travel" to Israel together, visiting key sites and learning what makes Israel so special.

6th Grade B'nai Mitzvah Mall
Come “shopping” for information at Temple Emanuel.  Together, we will learn about the meaning of Bar and Bat Mitzvah, its history and the process of becoming a B’nai Mitzvah.  At least one parent from each family should accompany their child for this special evening.  

6th Grade Wrap with the Rabbis
6th Grade families are invited to an evening of learning together about ritual items that we wear: Tallit, Tefillin and Kippot.  Tallit and Tefillin are rituals reserved just for Jews who have passed the age of B’nai Mitzvah.  Many of our 6th graders will receive their first Tallit at their B’nai Mitzvah ceremony. Although Tefillin are worn by fewer Reform Jews, it is an interesting and important custom for us to understand.

Join us for lively discussion; meaningful activities and important learning that will help our 6th graders understand the meaning of these symbols and their connection to Jewish adulthood.


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